Cross-Border Online Payments for Latin America

Our cross border payments platform allows you to accept payments like a local business. Offer users to pay with local credit and debit cards, PIX, OXXO, SPEI, and much more.

We help companies feel truly Latin

No local entity, registration or bank account required

Local collection & settlement abroad in major currencies

Accept local credit & debit cards, cash & bank transfers

Express user payouts to local bank account

3DS 2.0 & Fraud Protection reducing risk & disputes

Automated user and tax ID validation as per regulations

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Payment Processing

Our full-stack payment platform allows you to accept local payments through one single integration.

Real-time Payouts

Disburse fully automated local payouts to users and partners in real-time.

ID Validation

Know who you’re dealing with, real-time consumer validation.

More options for developers

All of our payment technology is proprietary and tailor-made
Our state-of-the-art technology is built 100% in-house and not based on legacy systems or dependant on third-parties.

This gives us full-flexibility to adapt our product to our partner’s business needs. It also makes it completely modular, eliminating all unnecessary complexities.

					curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'X-Auth-Token: MY_ACCESS_TOKEN' -d '{
  "amount": 100.10,
  "reference_id": "MY_REFERENCE_ID",
  "contract_id": "MY_CONTRACT_ID",
  "asset": "BRL",
  "person_firstname": "Alice",
  "person_surname": "Sonnentag",
  "person_email": "",
  "person_taxid": "39784045087",
  "person_birth": "1978-08-21",


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Our full-stack payment platform allows you to accept local payments through one single integration.

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Enabling businesses to boost emerging markets

Whether you’re operating a digital-goods marketplace, an on-demand content platform, a subscription service, or an online wallet solution, use epag to accelerate your day-to-day business in Latin America.

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