We help global companies feel truly Latin

Latin America has evolved – and with it its people and their expectations.
Disposable income has increased and the growing middle class is hungry to access better products and services from all around the world.

Our goal is to enable international organizations to offer a transparent, truly local service, fueled by our proprietary technology and decades of local expertise.

Our Mission

Helping merchants expand their business in Latin America.

Our Vision

We believe in truly open markets and that any person in the world should have equal opportunities to access goods and services.

We share a common background

Our team consists of industry veterans from the banking, payments, financial services, and e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America.

We have joined forces under epag’s umbrella to lend our individual strength and expertise to the goal of building a first-class financial technology platform for the region.

We combine decades of expertise

We have worked with some of the world’s largest organizations and successfully and continuously met expectations of partners and stakeholders.

Our team has almost a century of combined experience in creating, cultivating, and scaling innovative companies.

We are global citizens

Epag’s team is made up of over 10 nationalities! This helps us grasp the particularities of each market, communicate important local insights, and bridge cultural differences.

As a fast-paced organization, we have established offices in São Paulo (Brazil), Lisbon (Portugal), and Amsterdam (the Netherlands) making us easily reachable across many time zones.

We develop our own technology

All of our payment technology is proprietary and tailor-made

Our state-of-the-art technology is built 100% in-house, not based on legacy systems, and not dependent on third-parties.

This gives us full-flexibility to adapt our product to our partner’s business needs. It also makes it completely modular, eliminating all unnecessary complexities.

Learn more about our technology and the advantages of using our solution in the region.

The idea behind epag

After over a decade of working in Latin America, we have witnessed the region’s vast improvement in infrastructure – particularly in connectivity. This and the continued increase of foreign investment led to a new surge of innovative, digital services. Yet, at the same time, most international companies struggle to extend their foothold and make their services truly accessible.

We are experienced in building market leaders in the payment space in Brazil, such as PagSeguro (NYSE: PAGS) and MercadoPago, the payments-arm of MercadoLibre (NASDAQ: MELI). These have proven to be an invaluable growth-catalyst for local companies in both the online and offline payments landscape across most of South and Central America.

epag was created to provide full access to the region from afar. In a region where local particularities are the rule – maneuvering the complexity of local regulations and taxation can be difficult waters for international merchants to navigate.

We want to bridge the gap between Latin America and the rest of the world, providing merchants with a technology platform with the same level of functionality that is expected and common in most developed markets. While allowing the user to pay in ways familiar and with means accessible to them.

We do this, because we believe in truly open markets and that any person in the world should have equal opportunities to access goods and services.

We look forward to welcoming you as our partners on this journey.

Ricardo Dortas Schönhofen, Co-founder & CEO

Ricardo Dortas - Director

Jan Schnürle - Director

Julian Migura - Director

Rafael Pereira - Director

Renata Freitas -
Customer support

Yonathan Ospina -
Business Development

Elia Canhete -

Nika Romanadze -

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