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Merchant Agreement - Pricing & Fees

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Regular Transaction Fees
The combination of fees applicable to each transaction.
TPVTotal USD value of payment transactions in a month.
< 0.5 M USD< 1.5 M USD< 3 M USD> 3 M USD
Transaction FeesThis is charged as a percentage of every transaction. The percentage will vary depending on which monthly volume pricing tier your organization falls into.
Platform FeeFixed fee applied to every transaction. The fee will vary depending on which monthly volume pricing tier your organization falls into.
Currency charges
Fees related to currency exchanges
Order Currency Conversion Fee
4.0% (if Order Currency does not equal Payment Currency)The currency conversion fee is charged when prices are sent in a currency other than the payment currency. (ie. Prices are listed in USD, but Consumers pay in BRL). This can be avoided that by listing prices in local currency
Settlement Currency Conversion Fee
3.0% (if Settlement Currency does not equal Payment Currency)This fee is charged at the end of the settlement cycle for converting the total processed volume to the currency chosen by the Merchant. (ie. total processed volume is in BRL but will be settled in USD at an overseas account)

Additional Service Charges
Fees applicable to specific additional services provided to the Merchant
Refund Fee
Cards: ¢25, Cash: ¢85Fee applied to any refund provided.
Dispute Fee
$15 (fully refunded, if Dispute resolved in your favor)Fee applied to each dispute charge (chargeback). If dispute is resolved in your favor, the fee will be refunded.
Customer Support Fee
¢25 (for any involvement of customer support, per transaction)Fee applied to any Transaction for which a Consumer requires direct assistance from epag's customer support team related to a Merchant's Transaction.
Fraud Protection Fee
¢12Fee paid on each transaction to utilize our fraud prevention technology, with the aim to reduce overall chargebacks. This will negate any dispute fees. For Merchants in certain industries, this may be mandatory and won't negate dispute fees.
Consumer Credit Fee (Installments)
2.99% per month (standardly charged to Consumer) - Click here for more information
Only relevant for clients accepting installments from their Consumers. This fee is applied on a monthly basis to each installment. The Consumer will automatically see the augmented monthly price with this interest rate included, unless the Merchant wishes to pay these costs on behalf of the Consumer.
Withdrawal Fee
1.0% or $1.20
Only relevant for Merchants that offer payouts to Consumers. This fee applies for any payout that a Merchant wishes to make to a Consumer.
Consumer Identification Fee
¢20Only relevant for Merchants that offer payouts to Consumers. This is a mandatory fee, charged for the validation of a Consumer upon the first payout made by a Merchant, usually charged every consecutive 12 months after doing so.
Settlement Fees
Fees related to the transfer of funds to Merchant
Transfer FeeThe Transfer Fee will apply if at the time of Settlement, the total Settlement amount is less than $5,000. It will only apply if a Merchant specifically requests us to transfer the funds, as we do not automatically settle balances under $5,000.
$9 per transfer <$5K
The Transfer Fee varies depending on whether the Settlement will be done at a National level (inside country of processing) or Internationally (outside country of processing).
$79 per transfer <$5K
Other Conditions
In Brazil, in case the payment method of choice is Cash, there will be a minimum $1.20 charge, combining both Transaction Fee and Platform FeeThis is a minimum fee charged per Boleto transaction. It is the minimum combination of the Transaction + Platform fees.
Country Adjustment
Records Request Fee
To be individually defined depending on records
TaxesWe are not legally able to provide guidance on taxes, we suggest you consult a localized accountant for further questions.
Financial Transaction
A tax charged on any financial transaction, regardless of the nature or purpose of the transaction. Applications vary by country.
Withholding Income Taxes
A portion of corporate income tax withheld from the settlement amount at source. Applications vary by country.
Service / Value Added Taxes
A sales or value-added tax applicable to goods and services sold to Consumers or provided by epag to the Merchant (or both). Applications vary by country.

Version 1.3
Valid as of May 6, 2020.