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EPLP Tecnologia em Pagamentos Ltda.
Avenida Andrômeda 885, Sala 2823,
Green Valley
Alphaville, 06743-000 – SP

Commercial Registry (CNPJ): 28.677.127/0001-69
Juridical classification: 2062
CEO: Ricardo Dortas-Schönhofen

Primary economic classification (CAE): 82.91100
Secondary economic classification (CAE): 62.02300, 62.03100, 62.04000, 74.90104

epag and the epag logo are registered trademarks in the Federal Republic of Brazil and/or other countries: Reg TM No 916335305.


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Regulatory Disclaimer

EPAG’s activities are regulated by multiple different regulatory bodies and authorities, depending on the specific activities conducted:

Main regulatory body:
Brazilian Central Bank (BCB)
Setor Bancário Sul (SBS)
Quadra 3
Bloco B
Ed. Sede
CEP: 70074-900
Brasília DF, Brazil

Secondary regulatory bodies:
The Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade
EQN 102/103,
Lote 01, Asa Norte,
CEP: 70722-400,
Brasília DF, Brazil
T: (+55) 61 2027 9217

Department of Assets Recovery and International Legal Co-operation (DRCI)
SCN Quadry 6
Conjunto A
Bloco A
2º andar, Ed. Venâncio 3000, Asa Norte,
CEP: 70716-900, Brazil
T: (+55) 61 2025 8919
E: [email protected]

Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF)
SAUS Qd 1 Lote 3-A
CEP: 70070-010,
Brasilia Brazil
T: (+55) 61 2025 4001, (+55) 61 2025 4002
E: [email protected]

Legal Disclaimer

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