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All our pricing is 100%: 'What You See Is What You Get' - no setup, monthly, or hidden fees.
Pay as you go and increase your revenues risk-free.

Custom pricing
  • Volume discounts
  • Different business models
  • Charity
  • Enterprise scale

Many innovative, global companies trust epag for our simple & transparent pricing and chose us as their payment partner for Brazil and Latin America!

Full and transparent pricing


  • Fast, predictable transfers on a 30-day rolling basis
  • Free unlimited international transfers from USD 5,000
  • Funds are remitted to your bank account abroad in your preferred currency. No local entity or local bank account necessary

Refunds & Disputes

  • Easily manage your refunds and disputes through epag’s API
  • You pay only a refund fee of ¢25 for cards and ¢85 for cash
  • Disputes have a cost of USD 15, fully refunded if resolved in your favor


  • Boost your sales by allowing your customers to split their purchases into smaller fractions – up to 12 monthly installments
  • Interest-free: with a monthly Consumer Credit Fee of 2.99% you can allow your customers to select their best payment plan and offer truly local payment experience

Enterprise-scale pricing

Volume discounts? Enterprise scale? Special business model? Charity?
Our Sales Team will happily discuss custom pricing options.

Free setup and sign-up

No monthly or hidden fees

Mobile-optimized Boletos

Easy subscription billing

No local entity required

100% Central Bank compliant

Singular RESTful API

Top-notch live reporting

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