Simple, Transparent Pricing

All our pricing is 100%: ‘What You See Is What You Get’ – no setup, monthly, or hidden fees. Pay as you go and increase your revenues risk-free.

Pay as you go

  • + ¢29 per transaction;
  • Pay as you go;
  • No setup fee;
  • No monthly fee;
  • No local entity required.

Custom Pricing

  • Volume discounts;
  • Different business models;
  • Charity;
  • Enterprise scale.

Many innovative, global companies trust epag for our simple & transparent pricing and chose us as their payment partner for Brazil and Latin America!

Full and Transparent Pricing


  • Fast, predictable transfers on a 30-day rolling basis
  • Free unlimited international transfers from USD 5,000
  • Funds are remitted to your bank account abroad in your preferred currency. No local entity or local bank account necessary

Refunds & Disputes

  • Easily manage your refunds and disputes through epag’s API
  • You pay only a refund fee of ¢25 for cards and ¢85 for cash
  • Disputes have a cost of USD 15, fully refunded if resolved in your favor


  • Boost your sales by allowing your customers to split their purchases into smaller fractions – up to 12 monthly installments
  • Interest-free: with a monthly Consumer Credit Fee of 2.99% you can allow your customers to select their best payment plan and offer truly local payment experience

Have a look at our full pricing and additional services fee table


Volume discounts? Enterprise scale? Special business model? Charity? Our Sales Team will happily discuss custom pricing options.


Free setup and sign-up

Mobile-optimized Boletos

No local entity required

Singular RESTful API

No monthly or hidden fees

Easy subscription

100% Central Bank compliant

Top-notch live reporting

Enabling businesses to boost emerging markets

Whether you’re operating a digital-goods marketplace, an on-demand content platform, a subscription service, or an online wallet solution, use epag to accelerate your day-to-day business in Latin America.

Ready to start?

Contact our sales team to accept local payments with epag.

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