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Epag payment platform offers a range of different integration options to easily reach the entire Latin American population by offering all relevant local payment methods.

Enabling businesses to boost emerging markets

We’ve built a resilient payment infrastructure, evolving from a small team with a vision and a proof of concept for one merchant. Today, we’re a thriving, profitable business. Join us as a client to access our ever-improving payment API, designed to be secure, simple, and adaptable for all types of users.

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Payment Processing

Our full-stack payment platform is a comprehensive solution that enables you to accept local payments through a single, seamless integration. This platform is designed to streamline and simplify the payment process, allowing you to focus on growing your core operations instead of worrying about back-office processes such as reconciliation and invoice processing. It combines key components such as payment gateways, processors, and merchant accounts into a single offering.

Real-Time Payouts

Real-Time Payouts are a revolutionary feature that allows for the disbursement of fully automated local payouts to users and partners in real-time. This means that transactions are cleared to the payee’s account in seconds, rather than minutes, hours, or days.

This feature is essential for enabling efficient transactions, boosting customer engagement, retention, and staying ahead of the market curve. It has transformed the customer experience and driven onboarding and retention rates. In fact, 70% of consumers who have used real-time payments would be ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ likely to use them again.

ID Validation

Know who you’re dealing with, real-time consumer validation. Our ID Validation feature is a robust solution that verifies the authenticity and validity of a provided national ID, driver’s license, or passport.

ID Validation ensures that there is a real person behind an action, and that they are who they claim to be. It supports compliance, security, and global access for your important agreements. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to verify the identity of their customers, partners, or users in a timely and efficient manner.

User interface to manage
your transactions

Customizable hosted checkout

Fully PCI Compliant

Supporting 3DS 2.0 (incl. external MPI)

Supporting 3DS 2.0 Cards and APMs

Including PIX, OXXO, SPEI, Paynet, and more

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