Explore the industries that are booming in Brazil

Brazil is the largest e-commerce market in Latin America, representing 42% of the industry’s revenue in the region.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the hottest industries in the country, so you can determine where to focus your business development efforts in the country.

Three things you need to know about the top industries in Brazil:

Social Media

The average time spent on social media each day by Brazilian social media users is 3.3 hours. In comparison, users in the United States spend 2 hours.

Two thirds of the Brazilian population have active profiles on social media platforms.

Social networking is a regular habit for 90% of Brazilians between the ages of 15 and 32.

social connections

Did you know?

In Brazil, only 6.5% of card holders have access to cards that can process international payments.

Companies already succeeding in the market:

We can help you convert your already hyper-engaged social media audience, by enabling you to process transactions locally and providing you with the options all of your users can pay with.

Online Dating

10% of Brazilian internet users are on Tinder, an estimated 14m users

The online dating market in Brazil has seen an annual growth rate of 6.4% from 2017-18.

Annual revenue for online dating in Brazil amounts to nearly $800m USD.

Did you know?

more accessibility

You can increase your addressable market by 20x when allowing for subscriptions to be paid with tokenized local cards.

Companies already succeeding in the market:

Our system allows you to take full control and even use your current subscription management tools more effectively. We can help you engage more customers faster and expand your scope.


Brazil is the 10th biggest e-commerce market in the world and biggest economy in Latin America – with 18.9 billion revenues in 2017.

Each year, more and more Brazilian consumers purchase directly from international websites. The average cart value is estimated to be US$ 120.54 (R$ 446) in 2018.

The most profitable industry sectors for online shopping include electronic appliances, computers, fashion and cosmetics.

online shopping

Did you know?

6/10 e-commerce payments in the country are made in installments.

Offering local methods will allow you to avoid additional taxes and fees passed onto your consumer from cross-border purchases.

Companies already succeeding in the market:

We can help you further improve your margins by offering installments, attracting more paying customers who can’t pay in full up front – don’t miss out!


Brazil is the 6th largest information and communication technologies (ICT) market worldwide. Recent research indicates there has been an estimated US$ 105b in investments for this segment, making it the largest SaaS market in Latin America.

60% of Brazilian entrepreneurs were able to recover their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) six months prior than American entrepreneurs.

Enterprise SaaS companies in Brazil grow faster than B2C or SME focused startups – meaning the market here is positioned well for further options in this space.

Did you know?


of transactions in Brazil are local

SMEs in particular often won’t have access to corporate, international cards. In general, businesses in Brazil are accustomed to paying with Boleto, so you’ll be more attractive to your clients with this approach.

Companies already succeeding in the market:

For B2B providers, the impact of local payment options is notable. Local-only card schemes Elo & Hipercard are en route to own roughly 30% of transactions in the country. By offering your corporate clients local options, both parties will avoid foreign transaction fees, and reduce your overhead.


Per most recent studies, by 2023 the Latin American e-learning market is expected to generate revenues of over $3 billion USD.

51% of Brazilians study foreign languages for job opportunities, understanding in particular the importance of English & Spanish to their potential career growth.

Brazil is currently the fifth largest higher education market in the world and #1 in Latin America.

Did you know?

Apart from professional reasons, Brazilians like to learn other languages to be able to communicate while traveling and to learn about other cultures.

Companies already succeeding in the market:

We can help you increase your overall profits and reduce your overhead by allowing you to offer instalments for more expensive courses or enabling split payments among various education providers.

This is the easiest way to access your entire customer market without needing to set up local entities across the continent.


Brazil is the largest advertising market in Latin America.

Most recent estimates show annual spending for digital advertising is anticipated to increase 11.9 percent per year between 2019 and 2022.

Brazil had an estimated spend of $11.9B USD in ads in 2018, forecasted to be roughly $28B USD in 2019

Did you know?


more in service taxes

Brazilian advertisers booking ads sold from abroad, are subject to foreign service taxes making those offerings significantly less attractive.

Companies already succeeding in the market:

We can help you level the playing field by selling as a local provider, thereby reducing the taxes and fees your customers pay, and boosting your earnings significantly as a result.

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